Welcome to the DF/Net Project Management System

DF/Net Research is an innovative data management company located in Seattle. Since 1996, DF/Net Research has successfully provided cost-effective DFdiscover data management, integration, CRF development, database design, statistical consulting, and other services for a variety of DFdiscover clients worldwide. In collaboration with our Canadian office, DF/Net Software, the company uses, sells, supports, and develops the DFdiscover data management system.

The DF/Net Project Management System allows us to better integrate and extend these services to our clients anywhere via a network connection.

For more information about DF/Net, please contact:

Darryl Pahl
Vice President
DF/Net Research, Inc.
(206) 322-5931

For questions regarding Medusa, please contact itsupport@dfnetresearch.com